27 September 2006


Hi all. An update from the pregnant lady...

I'm feeling quite good. Don't have anything to complain about, really. Just my feet are a bit puffy and I don't think my wedding ring is coming off anytime soon. Our little one is sitting low and in the right position. She's still moving a lot, which I love. It's such a fun feeling, even when it stabs a little. Andrei and I just feel so positive about the whole experience and we're looking forward to the birth.

We've bought a condo, but it is still being built. Hopefully we will close on it Oct 20 (I'm due Oct 26). It's cutting it a little close, but what can you do? Our current lease ends this week, and we're going to live with my mom until we can move into our condo. So this is packing week. How fun...): Not a big fan of packing and cleaning.

Andrei is busy with his businesses: AF Components and aliveBroadcast. Both are coming along well. His aliveBroadcast site is getting better all the time. It's basically a photo blog--you use your webcam to take a picture and leave a little message to go with it, and then people can leave comments.

I'm busy being a home-maker and oven. That's about all there is to say about that(:

Love you all!

14 September 2006

this one's for you, lubov

I just want to tell the world how lucky I am to have the husband that I have. For about 4 years he pursued me from overseas; then he chose a university near me, and we dated for the next 4 years. We've now been married for 2 years, and everyday he tells me how he loves me and how beautiful I am. Faithful. Wonderful.--that's my man. Already our little girl floating in my womb knows just how lucky we Taraschuk ladies are to have him--I tell her often.

A husband is the strength of the family. When I'm upset, acting out of proportion to a situation, calmly he sees past the external into what is really going on with me, and he helps me see it too. Since we've been together, I've come a long way emotionally (from being a depressed, moody timebomb to being just a bit more moody than the average Jane). I absolutely attribute it to having him there as a strong and reasonable presence, supporting me as I worked through things. God filled him, and he touched and healed me. "You pick me up and brush me off and tell me I'm ok."

A husband loves, honors, and respects his wife. Recently my husband was given a difficult challenge. To put me first meant painfully putting someone else second, if it can be summed up so simply. His efforts were valiant, and I feel so honored. I'm grateful for how he showed love and respect to everyone involved as he made his decision. All-around he's an honourable man.

A husband leads his family in their spiritual journey together. My husband has a strong faith that is balanced with a spirit of grace and a realistic view of the world. He is uncompromising in his beliefs, but he leaves judgement and condemnation behind. It is his strength and balance that I admire and try to emulate. In many ways, he is my spiritual role-model. With him at my side, I feel safe and like we can't lose our way even in these days of spiritual bunny-trails--new paths forged by those who find the "straight and narrow" nice but a bit too narrow.

What else can I say? Did I tell you that he is a superb designer/programmer and businessman? That he was the prize student and is now a rising star in his field? He won't tell you that, so I will. I am so proud. He works hard, keeps up-to-date in his profession, and still finds quality time for his wife.

He will be a wonderful father: playful and loving, yet firm in matters that count. He will teach her what it means to be a good person and will give her the tools to succeed in life.

If I were as eloquent as Solomon or David I could do more justice to how good he is. I could write him a beautiful song of praise. Anyway, this is my humble attempt. You can also read the lyrics to Sarah Mclachlan's song Push. It must have been written just for our relationship. With every verse I can associate a specific memory.

Andrei, lubov, I love you. No other words can say what I feel. Я тебя люблю.