29 November 2006

I'm a Moderate.

>"A moderate what? Democrat or Republican?"
>"Just Moderate."

It's my opinion that asking someone's political party should be considered a faux pas just as it is with asking about someone's pay or what grade your classmate made on the last exam. Generally most people agree with me on this. In the past I thought that this, then, implies using discretion when talking politics. However I've recently found out that not knowing gives you, instead, the freedom, even the right, to assume that the person is not part of the opposing party. This way tact can be thrown out the window as you attack and generalize 'those people' without a worry that you're inadvertently insulting your friend who's politely listening to you. Besides, if you're friend is one of "them", they need to hear the truth anyway. Sometimes truth hurts.

>"The major centers of educated people may vote that way, but that's exactly my point. They're all freaking atheists who're afraid of stepping on anyone's toes. They will follow just about anyone, then they cling to that person for direction. They need us to provide the backbone for the country and protect them from themselves."
>"I hate them. They will follow anyone. They're just not smart and believe anything they're told. Now they're trying to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body and that global warming is a hoax. There's no place in our government for these people. They only care about their own personal riches and oil."

I've honestly been shocked by what people have been saying to me regarding the political parties (with not knowing which "side" I'm on). They tend to focus less on the policies of the party and instead make sweeping generalizations and attack the character and intelligence of individuals in the party. I never knew that people attach such personal significance to being Democrat or Republican. It is beyond me. I'm in shock at the angry condescension and laugh at the fact that they often accuse each other of the exact same traits. I've been insulted left and right, literally, because no one stops to think that I may support the other party. My feelings aren't hurt at this silliness, I'm just still reeling from the ignorance.

So let's all be smart and vote for the individuals running for office and on each policy instead of for a party. We all need to let go of the principle of being Democrat or Republican and stand on our own two feet when we vote and talk politics. That's why I'm a Moderate...how I'm registered is no one's business and it doesn't matter so don't ask.